The Story

About us

Founded in 2017 Physique Brothers is a unique modern day fitness fashion brand that takes all the elements you love about sportswear & streetwear then combines them into premium products. Whether its comfort, style or practicality your looking for we bring it all with the freshest and most diverse fitness clothing brand on the market. 

Our unique and innovative designs bridge the gap between sport and streetwear. This produces ultimate comfort and a high quality performance experience with the durability to match.

So whether you’re in the gym pumping iron, sparring in the ring, on the track doing sprints or simply walking the streets, you can be confident that you will be doing it with style, personality and presence.

Why we do it

To dramatically change your physique it takes months and years of blood, sweat and tears. It’s not just about looking good on the outside but fighting the mental battles that go on in the inside. To push yourself to limits you never thought possible.

We have been on that journey and it’s why Physique Brothers are creating a community of like minded individuals pushing the boundaries of personal fitness and ensuring the fitness journey continues through an expression of style, art and passion.

Welcome to Physique Brothers where fitness meets fashion.