Our Story

Made for fitness fans worldwide. Physique Brothers is a trending, slick new fitness and streetwear apparel brand that delivers on style and practicality.

Founded in 2018 Physique Brothers combines two of the most in demand apparel categories on the market [Sport and Streetwear] creating athleisure that’s true to both fitness and street culture.

Our products deliver the comfort and style of streetwear while maintaining the practicality and durability of sportswear giving a unique edge to the sport and streetwear fashion industry.

The team here at Physique Brothers go by an old latin saying "Victoria Concordia Crescit" which translates to "Victory Grows Through Harmony". We believe that we are building one of the strongest communities of 2020 and we want you to be apart of that community and our journey.


When you represent Physique Brothers you represent strength, resilience and endurance. You represent the brotherhood, a community of like minded individuals that challenge adversities straight on. We always overcome. We always endure. No matter what our walk of life.

Welcome 2 The Brotherhood