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Our Story

Urban Gymwear.

Physique Brothers is a new and trending gymwear brand that delivers on style and practicality.

Our products are a combination of two of the most in demand apparel categories on the market creating athleisure that is true to both fitness and street culture.

Now more than ever in the world of fitness, fashion is essential and we're here to keep you on top of your game.

The team at Physique Brothers are always working hard on perfecting our garments, ensuring we deliver a premium product that provides the comfort and style of streetwear while maintaining the practicality and durability of sportswear.

Welcome 2 The Brotherhood

Physique Brothers -“A community of like minded individuals in the pursuit of achieving superior levels of fitness and doing so in style.”

When you represent Physique Brothers you represent strength, resilience and endurance. You represent the brotherhood, a community of like minded individuals that challenge adversities straight on. We always overcome. We always endure. No matter what our walk of life.